Varsity routs San Rafael again

3/18: This was David vs. Goliath, game 2, with Goliath (Redwood) dominating San Rafael to win by two touchdowns, 17-3.  The Giants jumped all over SR pitching to the tune of 16 hits. Players with hits for the Giants included Merritt Brinckerhoff, Cole McGowan, Nick Scott, Charlie Welch (2), Luca Bove, Rex Solle (2), Rory Minty (3), Colin Cunneen, Jerry Omara, Rory Coghlan (2), and Ben Resnick.  The biggest blasts of game were by Cole McGowan (triple), Nick Scott (triple), and Ben Resnick (deep double).

Kent Goodman got the start on the hill for the Giants. He didn’t have his best stuff, but only gave up 3 runs on 3 hits over 4 innings, with 4 strikeouts. By the fourth, Goodman appeared to find his groove as his curve ball was breaking very sharply, baffling the SR hitters. New addition to the ball club, Jerry Omara, came on in relief in the fifth and looked great. He was throwing mid-80’s gas to go along with a very sharp-breaking curve ball. Over two innings of work, Omara did not give up any runs, on one hit, while striking out 5. Needless to say, everyone in attendance was excited by what they saw in Omara’s debut.  Rex Solle came on in the 7th to close game. Solle gave up no runs on one hit, with 2 strikeouts.

Despite being blown off the field, SR started the game with some promise. In the bottom of the first, they put the first two runners on with no outs, but then attempted to steal third. Rory Coghlan promptly cut the runner down by about five feet, effectively destroying a promising inning. This play was a real head scratcher, and it appeared that SR was going to be roadkill; however, they did show some life in the third. They had a man on first with one out, and the next batter hit a single. Inexplicably, the runner from first tried to make it to third, but was easily gunned down by Brinckerhoff in left. Although this was another head-scratching decision (SR was down 8-0 at this point in the game), SR rallied with 2 outs to load the bases. Then, a SR hitter hit a bases-clearing triple to put SR on the board with 3 runs.

Over the past four games, Redwood outscored the two teams from San Rafael, 62-4.  Fortunately, we anticipate the return of real baseball next week as the Giants prepare for a two-game set against MC.  The Giants now stand at 9-2 overall, 6-0 in MCAL.

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