JV Outlast Tam in Heated Contest

The Giants endured a back and forth contest to stay on target for a 2017 Pennant, beating the Hawks 11-8 on Tuesday night. With the first heat wave of the year affecting the game, Kyle Felder once again stepped on to the hill for Redwood, going three strong innings, striking out five batters and conceding just two hits. Tam, however, would score first with a two run first inning. The Giants responded with two runs of their own. Sam Warren reached second base on an error in center field. Jake Nordstrom then doubled to left, scoring Warren (1-2, Tam). Robbie Wilson followed up with a single to center, scoring Nordstrom (2-2 after one).

In the third inning, Nordstrom would lead off with a triple. Robbie Wilson singled, scoring Nordstrom (3-2, Giants). In the fourth, Zack Gordon drew a walk and would steal second. Sam Warren put the ball in play to advance Gordon to third. Jake Nordstrom (3 Hits, 3 Runs & 3 RBI’s on the day) then connected with another hard hit ball up the middle, scoring Gordon (4-2). Nordstrom would steal his way to second and reach third after Tam defenders let a Robbie Wilson pop-up fall to the ground. Nordstrom would eventually score on a wild pitch (5-2, Redwood). Before the inning was over, the Giant’s first base coach would engage in a difference of opinion with the infield umpire, earning him an early departure from the playing field and some discord going forward. The calls would suggest some retribution against Redwood in the later innings.

Tamalpais added five runs on one hit in the top of the fifth inning to retake the lead 7-5. The Giants quickly responded in the bottom half of the inning. Eric Simonson hit a lead-off single. Jacob Klionsky followed up with another hard hit single to left. Haiden Jones laid down a nice bunt and the pitcher elected to get the lead runner. Simonson appeared to have safely landed at third by a clear margin but was called out for his effort nevertheless. Zack Gordon then drew a walk to load the bases. Sam Warren was hit by a pitch, scoring Klionsky. Jake Nordstrom was walked, scoring Haiden Jones. Robbie Wilson was hit by a pitch, scoring Gordon (8-7, Redwood).

In the sixth, Tam would tie the game again and, but for a diving stop by shortstop, Zack Gordon, would have retaken the lead. Both Gordon and Wilson would save more runs with some great fielding and throwing the go ahead runs out at home plate. In the bottom half, Eric Simonson connected with his second hit of the day to lead things off for the Giants. Jacob Klionsky followed in kind, giving Redwood runners at first and second with no outs. Both runners would steal, putting the Giants back in the driver’s seat. Jackson Bender was given a free walk to first to load the bases. Zack Gordon then laid down a perfect bunt, scoring Simonson and landing safely at first (9-8). Klionsky would round third with a full head of steam, landing in a pickle. Before Klionsky was run down, Bender advanced to third and Gordon landed on second base. Sam Warren then hit a fly ball to left and reached base on an error, scoring Bender and Gordon (11-8, Redwood).

Jackson Bender pitched for the save in the top of the seventh. Bender and first baseman, Jack Morken, would team up to secure the first out after Morken snapped up a short hopping grounder across his body and tossed the ball from his glove to the hard charging Bender. The two would connect again after Jackson picked off the runner he previously beaned. With two outs, Zack Gordon would scoop up a grounder and end the contest with the final out at first base. Final Score: 11-8, Giants.

Here’s the link to all the photos:  http://www.jordanwarren.photography/p588552851

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