Giants White Hot Bats Heat Up the Cold Oakland Night

Redwood bats erupted during the cold, windswept night under the lights at Bishop O’Dowd Monday night.  First at bat, Anthony Pomilia set the mark with a solo dinger over the left field fence to put the Giants up 1-0.

In the bottom of the 1st, Blake Cusick took the bump for the Giants.  Cusick masterfully demonstrated his 38 different arm slots as he mowed through the O’Dowd batters for the next five innings.  A steady diet of curves, fastballs and spot placement stymied Bishop O’Dowd batters as Cusick painted the plate.

In support of their pitcher, the Giants piled on runs.  Top of the second, timely RBI’s by Sam Warren and Pomilia capitalized on two hit by pitch mistakes putting the Giants up 4-0.  In the top of the forth, backstop Mackie Skall asked for a helping of what Pomilia served by helping himself to the second solo dinger of the night.  Giants up 5-0.  A Jack Morken double and a Michael Connors single added another run in the 5th.  Pascal Brassey and Connors combined to plate three more runs in top of the 6th.

Ollie Pearson pitched a solid 6th inning, with new varsity player Jackson Bender closing the night with a strong 7th inning.  Solid Giant defense aided the team effort.

Notibles from the night where solo home runs from A. Pomilia and M. Skall, plus J Morken was hit by what should be a record 3 pitches.  What to take three for the team.  Brassey and Pomilia each had three hits, Connors had two and Skall, Morken and Warren each had one.

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