Editorial Policies

Redwoodbaseball.com thrives on the work of volunteers and we greatly appreciate everyone’s efforts.  But, we also appreciate the professionalism that it embodied in the site.  In order to keep the high level of professionalism, we ask that you conform to these few policies:

  1. No foul language, this is a family site
  2. Titles use capitalized first letters only
  3. Spelling will default to internet standards with the exclusion of names
  4. No bylines, we are all volunteers and to this for the love of the program, not personal achievement
  5. We do not highlight players or coaches names.  Redwood baseball is a team endeavor with many extraordinary athletes participating.  But, the nature of a competitive baseball program is that some players will have more opportunity for notice.  As such, we will list players, but not highlight them on the page.Redwoodbaseball.com is managed with the intent of providing information for the broader Redwood Baseball Family, highlight the play of all of the exceptional athletes participating in Redwood Baseball and to provide a platform to broaden the donation base for Redwood Baseball.