Dugout Club

Thank you to our Redwood Baseball Community for your ongoing support!

While the Coronavirus Pandemic prevented us from having a full competitive season last year, the Dugout Club still had fiscal commitments and we gratefully thank our baseball community for their ongoing support. We understand these are different and difficult times and our coaches and volunteers are so grateful to be back out on the baseball fields.  In order to cover expenses associated with one of the most elite high school baseball programs in Northern California, we need to continue with our annual fundraising outreach.  

We welcome your donations and support for the Redwood Baseball program.


Highlights of 2020 funding include:

Player Development – Inflatable Batting Cages

Uniforms – New Black Jackets for Varsity and Freshman, Re-Patch Varsity Red Jackets, uniform replacements and repairs

Fields Maintenance and Improvements (for two fields) – Scoreboard repair, purchase of tractor for Moody Field, bullpen upgrades, new signage for the dugouts and MCAL Champion banners, backstop pads repair, batters box upgrades, drags, air compressor, tools

Administrative and Communications – Including Website Fees, GameChanger Fan Access, and TeamSnap, fees associated with non-profit status and tax filings

We’d also like to extend a HUGE thank you to Benchwarmers who provided sod for Endriss and Moody Field, new helmets.

Another HUGE thank you to Redwood High School for their ongoing support as they provide baseballs, new uniforms every three years, umpires, custodial and support field maintenance  

The Dugout Club exists for the purpose of voluntarily supporting the Redwood High School baseball program.  It is responsible for raising the necessary funds for expenses and for supervising the disbursement of such funds. The Dugout Club’s role is supportive, rather than to influence the direction or content of programs.  The Dugout Club is non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit dedicated to promoting the high school baseball community through fundraising, parent volunteers, team and school spirit, and baseball program advocacy.

The Redwood Dugout Club is a 501c3 nonprofit organization run by volunteers. Donations to the Redwood Dugout Club are tax deductible to the extent that the law allows.  All proceeds go directly to the Redwood High School baseball program in an effort to supplement budget shortfalls for equipment, field repair and maintenance, uniform upgrades, teambuilding, etc.

Donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated, but NOT required for an athlete’s participation in the program and will not affect playing time. Donor amounts are confidential.  An acknowledgement letter and/or email for tax purposes are sent to confirm donations.

Federal tax ID# 47-2074133


Dugout Club Officers:  Bill Benz, Nancy Nemecek, Holly Welch