4/25 – Win 4 – 2 and Loss 1 – 3 vs. Petaluma @ Alberts Park

The Freshmen Team played a non-league double header against the Petaluma Trojans under the lights at Albert Field Saturday Night. Fans of defensive baseball were not disappointed as both teams executed in the field when they needed to, making key routine plays and adding a few ‘WebGems’ to add to the excitement.

In the first game, Blake Cusick pitch six great innings, punching out three batters and allowing two runs.  Cale Tippett closed out the game, pitching a scoreless seventh inning.  The defense supported both pitchers including turning the first of three 6, 4, 3 double plays by Pascal Brassey, Michael Conners and Cale Tippet. The offense provided key hits including a triple from Noah Arrick, a double from Nick Paoli-Khadjenouri and singles from Drew Jacks, Josh Cohen and Dane Goodman.  Luke Zlatunich also contributed a sacrifice.  Redwood would win the game, 4-2.

zcDuring the second game, the defense kicked it up another notch. Josh Cohen (above) pitched five innings, fanning six.  Oliver Pearson struck out three in one inning. Wyatt McCullough and James Thomson closed out the evening.  Notable plays are Noah Arrick’s second triple of the day, two additional double plays turned by Pascal Brassey, Josh katz and Noah Arrick and a diving catch in center by Josh Cohen. Drew Jacks topped the highlight reel with a diving catch in right followed by a half twist.  Sadly, in the top of the eight, the ball took a couple of Petaluma bounces and Redwood lost the game at the end of the eight by a score of 3-1.  Redwood returns to conference play, as they host Tamalpias at Endriss on Wednesday.

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