4/23: 4 – 0 Win vs. San Marin @ Moody

sam2Sam Roiz keeps his head on the ball as he crushes a double to left-center.  Roiz lead the Giants 8 hit brigade with 2 hits and an RBI.  Roiz’s RBI would have been enough for a win as Aaron Halford, Trevor Foehr and Zack Tonnerre would combine for a shut out, fanning 9 Mustang batters on the day.  The Giants did have a few miscues in the field as they matched San Marin’s 3 errors.  However, Redwood was able to make key plays in the field when they counted and their pitching staff came through by shutting down prospective San Marin rallies.  In the last 4 games, Redwood pitching has yielded 0 runs, and they have outscored their opponents 15-0.  The Giants had 8 hits – Roiz had 2, Sean McKenna, Gregory Block, Aaron Halford, Henry Zeisler each singled and Michael Benz had a double.  The Giants defend their 5 game win streak and 4 game shut-out streak at home on Tuesday against Tam.  Tam defeated the Giants in their first match-up 2-1.

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